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R&S Construction Services Inc., headquartered in Middlebury, CT, is one of the most highly respected roofing companies in the northeastern United States. As a full-service roofing contractor that specializes in single-ply roofing systems, R&S Construction Services strives to provide its customers with the highest quality roofing systems and unparalleled services.


Carrying over 43 million square feet of experience within the industry, and staffed with the most proven roofing professionals, R&S Construction is able to provide their customers with the most dynamic services. The crews at R&S are technically trained for every system they install, ensuring both detailed quality and strict adherence to manufacturer's standards.


Due to the number and quality of its installations, R&S Construction Services is a 12-year recipient of Carlisle's ESP award. R&S Construction is one of only 26 contractors throughout the United States and Canada to receive this recognition for ten consecutive years. The ESP award, one the most recognized awards in the single-ply industry, is awarded to Carlisle authorized applicators that exceed Carlisle standards for customer service, timely deliveries and quality applications. With the ESP distinction, R&S can offer unmatched Carlisle warranties for up to 30 years.


Since becoming a Carlisle applicator, R&S Construction has completed 661 Perfect 10 roofing installations. Perfect 10 installations, which are presented to Carlisle applicators for outstanding quality and workmanship, are based upon completed roofing system inspections performed by a Carlisle field service representative. Prior to the issuance of a Carlisle membrane system warranty, a project is thoroughly reviewed for conformity to Carlisle specifications, excellence in workmanship, and attention to detail. At the inspection's conclusion, the Carlisle representative will rate the roofing installation on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being a flawless application.


Because of their expert knowledge of Carlisle's full line of roofing systems and products, R&S Construction is recognized as one of Carlisle's most prominent and successful authorized applicators. In order to become a Carlisle authorized applicator, a company must undergo training, conducted by Carlisle. This training covers the installation and maintenance of every Carlisle roofing system, including its EPDM, TPO, FleeceBACK and PVC single-ply membranes. At the completion of this training, R&S employees also enrolled in a continuing education program, which will ensure their continued understanding of the latest technology and procedures from Carlisle.


2009 marks the 12th time R&S Construction has been named a Firestone Master Contractor. Firestone annually awards Master Contractor status based on Quality Points accumulated for exceptional inspection ratings. We also have earned the Firestone Inner Circle of Quality Award for the fifth time. This award is presented to Master Contractors who installed a minimum of four warranted Firestone roofs in each of the past five years.


To discuss a new roofing project, schedule an inspection of an existing roofing system or find out how you can benefit from the services offered by R&S Construction Services Inc. by calling us at 203-758- 8500 or contacting us via email at .


Quality, customer service and expertise - that's what you can expect from R&S Construction Services Inc.