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R&S Construction Services Inc. was founded by partners Robert Dunn and Stanley Voket in 1978. At that time single-ply roofing systems such as EPDM (rubber) were in their infancy. Bob and Stan worked closely with manufacturers to develop many of the installation procedures that are still used throughout the roofing industry today. R&S played an integral part in training roofing contractors across the US on behalf of numerous manufacturers. In fact, R&S Construction Services Inc. has installed roofs in 27 states and even the US Virgin Islands! Bob and Stan also provided much of the real world technical feedback needed by manufacturers to develop their products and make them the reliable, long lasting roofing systems they are today.

Carrying over 50 million square feet of experience within the industry, and staffed with proven roofing professionals, R&S Construction Services Inc. is able to provide our customers with the most dynamic services available anywhere. The crews at R&S have received technical training and certification for every system we install, ensuring both detailed quality and strict adherence to each manufacturer’s standards.

Quality, Customer Service and Expertise - That's What You Can Expect From R&S Construction Services Inc.